Scam Alerts


Veterans and their families are increasingly the targets of scammers. NEVER give out your Social Security Number, credit card or bank account information to any caller or in response to any email.

How you can protect yourself and your loved ones:  here is a listing of articles, videos, and alerts that detail how scammers are too often (successfully!) scamming veterans.


US Post Office Inspector Service

USPS Article last updated 6/17/2019

This veteran was lured into a scheme by trying to obtain government benefits. Watch to learn more about investment scams.  (See short video)

Target: Veterans

Scams Targeting Veterans :

Scammers are employing vet-focused twists on identity theftphishingimpostor scams, and investment and loan deceptions. The goal is often to manipulate or gain access to benefits the government provides to those who served.


Veterans Charity Scam :

Help the Vets raised $20 million with patriotic, heartrending calls to aid veterans in need; here was just one problem: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), almost none of that money went to help servicemen and women. Help the Vets spent 95 percent of donated dollars on administrative costs, compensation for its founder, and more fundraising.

Use AARP’s “Fraud Watch Network” . Sign up for free alerts:


Better Business Bureau : 

Short video of BBB’s warning about scams targeting veterans.


This website monitors and reports on scams targeting veterans.