Our Leaders

Col Len Loving USMC Ret.
Chief Executive Officer
for Five Star Veterans Center since 2011.
A native of Richmond, Virginia, Colonel Loving was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in 1960. He attained the rank of Colonel of Marines, following 30 years of service with distinction as a Marine Infantry Officer. Colonel Loving served several tours of duty in the Republic of Vietnam during that war and is the recipient of several military decorations for valor to include the Bronze Star. He was the initial Commanding Officer at Blount Island Command here in Jacksonville. The Colonel has spent years in leadership positions in the area, including the Northeast Regional Director for the State of Florida’s Office of the Comptroller and the Department of Banking and Finance. He served as Advisor to The President of The Florida Senate on military issues for a statewide project assessing the vulnerabilities of all federal military organizations, activities, and commands during an impending round of Base Realignments and Closures. In 2011, Colonel Loving became the Chief Executive Officer for the newly established Five Star Veterans Center in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2017 Colonel Loving was inducted into the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame.

Ms. Suzie Loving
Chief Administrative Officer
for Five Star Veterans Center since 2011.
As the CAO, Suzie oversees all administrative and financial functions for the Center and its residents. Her duties include payroll, bill paying, maintaining account ledgers, budget preparation, and preparing information for the annual IRS reports and Audit. She coordinates all funding for the Center, ensuring the accuracy of grants, manages the funds, and develops the necessary reports. Suzie is the liaison to all major corporations for new funding and the continuation of donations. Suzie oversees and works with the Operations Manager in the scheduling of activities for the Center, volunteer participation as well as the remodeling and furnishing of rooms, and lawn maintenance. She is the residents' liaison to the VA, Veteran Service Officers, and other agencies, assisting them with disability claims, funding for their needs, educational, and career counseling. Before joining Five Star Veterans Center, Suzie was the aide to City Councilman Jack Webb for four years, Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Duval County and a Customer Service Rep for US Airways, Inc.

LtCol Inga Auber USAF Ret.
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
since 2011.
Inga tracks all data and develops statistics, corresponds with donors, and manages multiple Donor Program Projects for reporting and communication. Inga has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts, and a Masters degree in Systems Management from the University of California, Los Angeles. Inga served in the United States Air Force for 22 years working in Contracting, Logistics Planning and, Security Assistance before she retired.

LtCol Dayton F. Warfle Jr USMC Ret.
Director, Business Development
since 2017.
Dayton works to help keep the veterans center funded and operating to support our veterans. He coordinates guest lecturers, job assistance and job preparation counseling. He is in the community connecting with businesses and local donors to meet the center needs. Dayton is a US Naval Academy graduate with a BS in Engineering and a master’s degree in Business from Boston University. Dayton retired from the Marines Corps after 23 years of service and over 6000 flight hours in tactical jet aircraft. Dayton deployed around the globe, including deployments on the USS Saratoga and USS John F Kennedy. After retirement, he worked as a Six Sigma Lean Master black belt for 18 years in General Electric and Bank of America. Before his current position with Five Star Veterans Center, he served as a board member for 3 years.

Dennis N. Cain OSCM (SW)
Retired and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Dennis is a 24-year Navy veteran with over 15 deployments and numerous tours. He brings both military and mental health views to his role. Dennis specializes in treating patients with Trauma and Substance Use Related Disorders. He has extensive mental health training, including achieving Level II trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Dennis has certification in Seeking Safety, a model for co-occurring trauma and substance use disorders; and Cognitive Processing Therapy-Cognitive for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse and completed extensive work in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. Dennis also works with the families in recovery from substance abuse; survivors and loved ones coping with violent or traumatic loss; and individuals, couples, and families seeking to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Lorri Bonnanzio
As the Operations Manager and Administrative Assistant to Suzie Loving, Lorrie wears many hats every day. Her responsibilities include the daily maintenance of buildings and the three acres surrounding the property. Lorrie manages the kitchen, dining room, and pantry staffs. Lorri is also involved in many of the veterans programs in their quest for reintegration. She also oversees volunteer groups and service projects. She supports the execution of grants in a manner that meets both residents' needs and grantors' requirements. Lorri is a retired American Airline Flight Attendant. She has a Bachelors of Science in Education and taught school for three years in California. Moving New York, NY Lorrie switched careers and earned a Culinary Arts Certificate from the Peter Kumps Institute. She opened and ran a resturant as Owner Chef for seven years. Lorri traveled and attended classes Food and Wine classes at the Italian Consortium of Milan. Thinking Travel was fun she graduated from American Airlines Flight Training and worked as a Flight Attendant for 17 years.

Mike Durden, US Army
Five Star Systems Administrator since 2012.

Mike has a background in Network Engineering and Security Research as well as an A.S Networking Services Technology (with honors), as well as completing a B.A.S. in Communications Technology and Telecommunication is the 2012, buttions. He is projected to start and complete a M.S. in Cyber Security with CISSP being his highest cert in 2019. He's been a coordinator for security conferences.. a speaker, and a top 5 %er in cyber security challenges globally.